Who we are...

MASTHERO.COM is company setting the standard for providing the high quality technical mast mount for Go Pro, G-Eye, Rollei, iSaw, Actionpro, Ironxcam actioncam and many more!

Windsurf Mast mount is the world’s only professional gad for using action cam on the mast.

Choose Masthero and see all possibilities of record of your windsurfing knowledge also from the other perspectives ....


Made specially for Windsurfing

mastmount for go pro

Masthero mast mount for GO PRO or any camera adapted to fit the GoPro Tripod mount, is designed specifically for windsurfers. It is like having a personal helicopter. You will be able to video/record your windsurfing preformance from helicopter's view. You will be able to do amazing videos and shots with your acition cam.

With mastmount solution you will improve your windsurfing skills much faster, because you will be able to diagnose you transitions and trick attempts. MastHero mast mount will help you to improve your planning technique, you will become more efficient in tacks, jibes, duckjibes, chop hop and so on.

Many windsurf instructors are alerady testing the Masthero and they love it.

With Masthero mast mount you can even use two action cams, so you are able to see both sides of the sail at the same time, analyze hand and footwork during transitions and get a more complete picture of what's going on.